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  In 2018 I was privileged to be nominated by patients for a Patient Choice Award for compassionate care as a Clinical Psychologist.

Anonymised testimonials from clients:

"You relayed information in an accessible and interesting way and got me to think differently...even though I was sceptical at first!"

"I loved the way you brought the material alive with anecdotes, analogies and practical examples of how to put strategies into place...I could listen to you for hours!"

"Thank you for your support and've helped me open up more about how I'm feeling and ask for help"

"Thank you for showing me such support and kindness"

"I can say, hand on heart, that your support and care has been so valuable"

"You helped me clear the fog...and now I feel much more positive, grateful and empowered over my body and mind"

"Your continuous support, understanding and smile have kept me going"

"Your safe and clear space enabled me to talk about things I had bottled up for years.  Thank you for allowing and encouraging me to be me and celebrate who I am"

"I will remember your kindness with warmth and gratitude"

Anonymised testimonials from healthcare professionals:

"My journey as a trainee wouldn't have been the same without your support"

"Thank you for helping me think more clearly about my work so I can better support my patients"

"One of the most meaningful parts of being supervised by you was being understood"

"You have such a calming, reassuring and upbeat presence I always feel lighter after our supervision"

"You have been an incredible help all along with our patients or even just to chat through things"

"You are always so approachable and understand us well as a team"

Your session gave us an opportunity to stop, breathe and take stock and have the courage to share our thoughts and experiences and realise that other people are feeling the same way as you"

"The mindfulness sessions enlightened me about my own internal experiences and how I noticed them changing as we took time to stop, share and listen to each other"

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